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Beat the Heat with These Summertime Tips

Summertime fun

Summertime is a great time to be outdoors, in nature and out of the house. Let’s discuss some tips and tricks to make your outdoor experience more enjoyable and fulfilling. 

By Eboni Gee


It is widely believed, and often confirmed by studies, that being outdoors not only significantly improves physical health but also acts as a tonic for mental wellbeing. However, the idea of venturing outdoors in the summertime may not sound appealing to everyone, especially when elements like hot weather and pesky bugs come into play. 

When it comes to spending time outdoors, temperature can often be a hindrance. The scorching afternoon sun can make the outdoors less inviting. One effective workaround is to schedule your outdoor activities for the cooler hours of the day. Consider stepping outside in the early morning when the day is just breaking, or in the evening when the sun is setting. This not only helps you avoid the hottest part of the day but also treats you to the breathtaking beauty of dawn and dusk.

Fighting the Summertime Heat

To combat the heat during the day, there are various cooling devices available in the market. From a plethora of fans to portable air conditioners, these gadgets can help keep you cool while you enjoy your time outside. If water activities are more to your liking, many hotels offer day passes for their pools and even have cabana rentals. This could serve as a delightful mini-getaway on a hot day.

Insects, especially mosquitoes, can be another nuisance when spending time outdoors. But there’s help for it. Here are some effective strategies to keep them at bay:

  • Consider adding some mosquito repellent plants to your garden or patio. Plants like citronella, lemongrass, and lemon verbena not only add to the aesthetic appeal but also ward off mosquitoes.
  • Mosquito repellent incense sticks are another great option. These sticks, when lit, help provide a mosquito-free barrier around the area.
  • Don’t forget to spray your grassy areas and lawn furniture with bug sprays and foggers. Commercial bug repellents can work wonders in keeping your outdoor spaces bug-free.

For best results, it’s best to kick-start these measures 1-2 hours before you plan to go outside. This gives enough time for the repellents to work their magic and create a bug-free environment.


Outdoor activities are far from being limited. There’s a world of options out there. But let’s focus on activities to do at home, as this increases the chances of doing them regularly and integrating them into your daily routine. One activity can be cooking outside. Moving the activity from the kitchen to the backyard can be an exciting change. It allows you to cook food in a different way, making it a fun family event. When everyone is outside, working together on a common goal, it naturally reduces screen time and facilitates flowing conversations. This strategy even works wonders with teenagers, encouraging them to get involved and take an active part in family activities.

No matter what you finally choose to do outside in the summertime, consider spending more time nature, engaging in fun activities and tailoring them to your tastes. Remember, the world outside your door is a canvas. Feel free to paint it with unique experiences.

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