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Top 4 Hot or Not Health Trends in 2024

2024 Health Trends

Wellness trends appear to be on the rise. Here are a few I’ve noticed in 2024, along with my thoughts on them.

By Eboni Gee, RN

Trends, highly subjective in nature, will always be a part of our society. They can either catch on or fail depending on the demand or fascination with the topic. 

Yes! These trends are worth exploring.

Gut Health:

Many people are now dealing with food intolerances that affect their gut health. Previously, lactose was the main issue, but now numerous other things are causing discomfort. Paying more attention to what we consume and its impact on us is certainly worth considering. This discomfort often affects our mood, energy, and effort. The goal for many is to maintain good health in order to perform daily activities. Prioritizing your wellbeing is a beneficial habit.


Sleep has always been a critical aspect of overall wellness. In our increasingly busy world, sleep often falls down the priority list. Lack of sleep can occur in numerous ways, such as going to bed late, waking during the night, or waking up too early. There are various strategies for improving sleep, depending on your struggle. Sleep affects our immunity, focus, and health. Allocating some time to develop a sleep routine that suits you is top tier.

No! These aren’t for everyone.

Activity Tracking:

While I personally enjoy tracking my activity, it can induce stress and pressure for some. I’ve heard people jokingly say, “If it happened and you didn’t wear your watch, did it really happen?” Yes, it did! Sometimes, I have “no track” days where I don’t wear my watch. It feels good to be active without focusing on the numbers. If tracking creates tension and overwhelm, skip it and focus on what you are presently doing.

In-person Fitness:

There’s no need to feel pressured to go somewhere to exercise. You can absolutely have a great workout at home. I enjoy mixing it up. You don’t have to be so rigid about your daily plan. If your schedule changed, it could be tough to maintain your exercise routine. Stop limiting yourself. Review your calendar for the week, and decide what fits. If something unexpected arises and plans have to change, allow your to adjust the chosen exercise method if necessary. There are many excellent at-home options available. YouTube is free, and there are various apps offering a range of exercises to choose from.

Whatever you decide to try this year remember that you have the power to decide what really works for you and what does not. Trends can be a great guide, just don’t let them add additional strain to your life. As long as whatever you choose to do brings you joy, it’s all good.


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