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Timeline Wellness: Curating Your Timeline for 2024


The trend of curating a timeline that speaks to the desires for peace, authenticity and feel good content is growing. In the spirit of nourishing our feeds and souls I want to share some amazing people that will brighten your timeline and continue to cultivate your mind.

By Eboni Gee


There seems to be a shift happening within social media toward the idea of timeline wellness. A growing number of internet users are self-selecting profiles that make their feeds more positive and motivation. Here are a few areas that will make your social feed even better. 

Personal Development

A big part of overall wellness is keeping up with personal development. Paying attention to this area can strengthen capacity and bandwidth, increasing the ability to be consistent yet flexible. Here are my current top three:

In addition to her practical and informative tips on Instagram, Nedra has some amazing books to help you work through boundaries. Boundaries are essential for ourselves and others to follow. They provide structure regarding how you want to operate in life. 

Alex Elle says out loud what many keep inside. Her Instagram posts give us permission to make uncomfortable realizations and honor what we truly feel and would like to communicate. The words of Alex Elle let you know you are not alone in your thinking and how to articulate it if that’s what you need.

Nicole Walters is that internet friend that you can see yourself in. Like the title of her book, “Nothing is Missing”, you will understand that no matter what’s going on in your life you have everything you need. Her down to earth personality combined with her business success is both inspiring and confirmation that you can bring your total self to the table and win.


Nutrition is also a huge part of our wellness. Not only does food fuel our bodies, it also factors into our energy and activity. You should check out the following:

Nina Cherie Franklin shows us not only how to make different types of salad and vegetable rich dishes, she provides tips such as massaging kale for better flavor. 

Jen Jones is high energy and just watching her will inspire you to explore. She has so many juice and plant-based recipes that encourage nutritional based wellness and caring for our bodies with food. 

Maya Feller is a dietician and nutritionist. Her Instagram page is full of realistic nutrition ideas that support mindful eating habits. She also shares articles of her own and others that really help open the conversation on topics like whether potatoes can be a good option for nutrition. 


My third category for timeline joy is fitness. There are so many people to choose from but these three really motivate me and offer doable solutions.

Jeanette Jenkins is a trainer to the stars, but she also has workouts on the free app FitOn that are amazing. On her Instagram page she also has workout ideas that include modified versions so that no matter your fitness or energy level you can get moving. 

Jenna Deleon is big on weight training. Weights can be a great add to your routine. Especially if you are experiencing menopausal symptoms and to protect bone health. She also shares her nutritional habits for reference which is important because the energy requirements tend to be different when weights are involved. 

Tameika Gentles uses a holistic approach to weight loss and maintenance. Her Instagram page offers tips for every day struggles. Things like dealing with cravings and incorporating sweets into a healthy, nutritious lifestyle. 

I hope you check out the profiles listed above. It will mprove your timeline wellness and find some that really speak to who you are and growing to be.

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