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Uncorked Wine Reviews: The Pour Up Wine

The Pour Up Wine Albariño wine

These two sisters of The Pour Up bring great wine and great conversation

By Sedale McCall


Stay up-to-date on the latest trends, and discovering new and exciting blends is essential along your wine journey. That’s where Uncorked Wine Reviews comes in – we provide you with our top 5 fundamental approaches to making informed decisions about your next bottle to uncork. We will not only celebrate and promote women and minority winemakers but also dive into the wines themselves. Each wine review will highlight a different winemaker, then rate a specific wine from their portfolio. The ratings are based on the following criteria: 

5 Ways to Wine Rating Criteria

  1. Appearance: How does it take shape and color in the glass? Does it invite you in? Does the color make you want to drink it?
  2. Balance: Is anything out of place? Balance ratings focus on the wine’s structure, including acid, alcohol, sweetness, body, and tannins (for red wines).
  3. Food Friendliness: Does this pair well with a lot of different foods?
  4. Typicity: Does it match what you expect from that grape in that region?
  5. Overall Enjoyment: Overall, is it an enjoyable glass? This is emphasized over the other criteria!


This week we are reviewing The Pour Up wine, operated by sisters Monique and Angela. 

The Pour Up 2021 Arroyo Seco Albariño 

Monique and Angela are two sisters who believe wine and conversation are the perfect pairing. That’s why their wines come with a QR code that sends conversation starters to your phone to get the party started! They’ve created an experience that comes with delicious wine. 

The 2021 Arroyo Seco Albariño is grown in Monterey County, which has a similar climate to the birthplace of Albariño, the Rias Baixas region of Spain. The Pacific Ocean and nearby fog and wind moderate the area, providing a cool climate. The wine benefits from it, gaining the classic acidity and salinity you love in an Albariño. 

Appearance: Pale straw, heading toward gold. From the glass, it’s not quite as bright as you might expect, given the year, but you can see it has a bit more depth than your more pale versions of the grape. 

Balance: Even with the noticeable acidity, the wine is right in balance, with 13.9% alcohol elevating the body and structure of the wine to meet the acidity. 

Food Friendliness: It’s a sommelier’s dream! The acidity and depth make it perfect for most spring and summer dishes. Seafood, chicken, meats and cheeses, light pasta dishes, and vegetables. It’s a very versatile wine. 

Typicity: It’s unmistakably Albariño. The acidity and salinity, matched with the early citrus notes, makes that clear. The aromas could have more fruit if we’re nitpicking (it is a review!). But you will get plenty and enjoy it all the same. 

Overall Enjoyment: It’s a sunny, coastal, warm-weather wine. What’s not to love?  

Score: 9


With our in-depth reviews and unique perspectives, you’ll always have something new and exciting to try. This Albariño from The Pour Up wine is something you should add to your cellars. Reach out to the sisters at https://thepourupwine.com/ or on Instagram @thepourupwine. 

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