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Responsible Wino: 6 Must Try Non-Alcoholic Wines

non-alcoholic wines you should try

Dry January doesn’t have to be bland, so here are suggestions to help expand your palate during your alcohol fast.

By Gerrard Roberts


Drinking wine is often a communal activity that brings together a diverse group of people. From the harvester and vintner to the sommelier that makes the recommendation, a bottle of wine encapsulates the complex experiences and collaboration required to produce a positive product. 

However, drinking wine also requires maturity and should be enjoyed in moderation. Since the pandemic, many Americans have reported that their alcohol consumption has increased significantly. This overconsumption has sparked an increased interest and participation in Dry January, a month-long challenge to abstain from drinking that can positively affect liver and heart health. Whether it’s to detox or for other personal reasons, taking a break from alcohol doesn’t have to be a bland journey. To avoid unconscious bias towards non-alcoholic wines, here are the most flavor-packed options to help expand your palate.  

Tost Rosé

This sparkling non-alcoholic wine will keep the occasion flowing with its pink effervescence and notes of ginger and elderberry. Pair this with a Mediterranean-style salmon salad to keep the good vibes going.


Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon

With aromas of cherry and blueberries, this non-alcoholic red wine will have your taste buds dancing. With 52 calories per eight-ounce serving, it’s not bad for your diet either. This Cabernet Sauvignon would pair well with a sizzling wood-fired pizza. 


Surely Sauvignon Blanc

Bursting with pear and apple tasting notes and a crisp finish, it’s no wonder why this non-alcoholic wine accumulated so many awards. You can pair this with a spicy curry to reduce the heat of your meal. 


St. Regis Chardonnay

Golden in color and releasing floral aromas to the nose, this Chardonnay makes any night an elegant occasion. When taking a sip of this non-alcoholic wine, you’ll be engulfed in the lingering taste of apricot and pear. A Caprese salad would pair just right to keep your occasion on the lighter side. 


Navarro Vineyards Gewürztraminer

The spicy aromatics will draw you in, and the tropical flavors will keep you sipping on this Gewürztraminer. With a non-alcoholic wine that swings big with flavor, you’ve got to pair it with food just as bold. A plate of Tandoori chicken will do the trick. 


Freixenet Sparkling Wine

Pale in color but fluid in tropical and citrus aromas. This non-alcoholic wine has a clean fruity palate that will leave you refreshed. Try this bubbly delight with your favorite sushi. 

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