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4 Black-Owned Pet Brands You Must Try When Traveling

black-owned pet brands to try

Easy Pet Travel with Your Road Dog (Furry Friends)

By Gerrard Roberts


Have you stumbled across the Black People Pet’s Instagram page? If so, you would know it’s not only a series of comical masterpieces but also shines a light on the fact that pets can wiggle their way into any family’s heart. Even tho you won’t find them sitting at the dinner table, their innocent eyes might have you making them a to-go plate. They can be habitual line steppers and our sour-then-sweet companions. So, as you are gearing up for holiday travel, the dreaded question now approaches. Will you be traveling with your pet, or will you place them in boarding or kennel? To make this decision easy, here are some of the best Black-owned pet brands to make your traveling experience consumer-conscious and convenient.


When traveling with a pet it can take a while for them to get used to a new space. Sometimes they will protest the new environment by not eating their food. Enjoy-A-Bowl is here to fix this problem with an irresistible solution. 

Invented by Veterinarian Joe J. Owens, the above-average pet bowl has a secret compartment at the bottom with a vent that allows scents to travel. This allows you to place human food your pet would love to eat but shouldn’t be at the base of the bowl, enticing them to eat their actual food in the top compartment. Sometimes you have to get creative to help your furry friend know that they may be clever, but you are the mastermind.


Homescape Pets

Between planning and packing, traveling can quickly increase stress levels. This is true for humans just as much as pets. Pets are typically a source of emotional support and love to calm you down when you are going through it, but Homescape Pets has a remedy to get your pet mellowed out. 

Founded by Nana and Marcus, the married couple helps improve pets’ quality of life by offering naturally sourced solutions. With a line of CBD and hemp-based pet supplements and chews, Homescape Pets will help your pet understand that every little thing is gonna be alright. 


Fuzzy Veterinary Service

There’s a reason they call them accidents. They are never planned and happen at the most inconvenient times. When traveling, there are so many items and activities that your pet can get themselves into. Some pets are stoic and won’t tell you they are in pain; some will ham it up for more attention. It can be challenging to figure out what is causing pain or discomfort to your pet who can’t speak. 

It’s good to have an expert to call at any time for professional guidance. This is where Fuzzy comes in. Co-founded by Zubin Bhettay, the 24/7/365 vet service provides complete care when you need it. The service includes prescription medication, nutrition, virtual physicals, and training. Travel with confidence, knowing that even when the unexpected happens, you’ve got it under control.


Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care 

After being outside during a hot summer day or spring rain shower, pets can develop a bit of an odor. You may be unable to smell the stench your pet puts in the atmosphere because you live together. However, your guests won’t love that smell and will quickly tell you about it. Especially if you are bringing your pet to someone else’s home when traveling. 

To avoid awkward or uncomfortable conversations that might offend you and your fur baby, Gerrard Larriett has developed a product to clear up this situation. He developed a line of aromatherapy pet products after searching for a solution to help his dog, Dada. In his diverse portfolio of products, he has developed a popular line of pet odor-eliminating candles that leave behind calming scents like lemongrass, jasmine, and eucalyptus. 

We hope these black-owned pet products will help you travel safely this holiday season!

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