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6 Travel Essentials for Healthy Living

six black-owned essentials to maintain healthy travel habits

Maintain your healthy living with these black-owned travel essentials. 

By Gerrard Roberts


The holidays can be an emotional roller coaster, reuniting with friends and family, reminiscing about old times, and trying to convince your grandma that you do have enough food on your plate. Therefore, it’s essential to pause and think ahead about how your holiday plans might impact your emotional, physical, and mental health. Here are some black-owned essential items to help you maintain the healthy living habits you’ve been practicing and developing throughout the year. 

Lizzie’s All Natural Eczema Body Butter

When traveling to different locations to get your holiday grub on, frequent climate changes can damage your skin, especially if you have eczema. As someone who has battled with eczema throughout her life, Christen “Lizzie” Funderburk developed Lizzie’s All Natural Products. The company offers nourishing body butter blends to support moisture in the critical areas that need them. They also provide hand sanitizer that won’t dry you out. 


Browndages First Aid Kits

The last thing anyone wants is to have an injury while traveling. However, when accidents happen, you can avoid being slowed down by grabbing a first aid kit from Browndages. Founded by Rashid and Intisar Mahdi, the married couple realized that the bandages they purchased did not reflect the color of their skin and embarked on a mission to change that to allow people of color to heal in silence. 


Toned by BaggedEm Yoga Mats

It’s never the wrong time to go into downward facing dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana), curl up in child’s pose (Balasana), or practice meaningful meditation. To ensure you have a comfortable and dedicated area to get into your yoga flow, check out the yoga mats from Toned by BaggedEm. Sisters Julia and Cornelia Gibson created this brand to help support women in their fitness journeys. This dynamic duo develops creative solutions to support women with body image issues, hair maintenance, and energy loss. They intend to share the message that the journey to wellness doesn’t always look perfect and that’s ok. 


Go Compression Socks

If you are traveling long distances, you want to avoid getting to your destination and thinking what the blood clot. Instead, use these compression socks to keep your blood flowing and circulating during your excursions. Former collegiate volleyball player Senia McIntyre created Go Compression to ensure the fun doesn’t stop by providing high-quality and affordable compression socks. 


It’s Nola Granola Bites

If you’re on the go, finding a healthy snack that hits the spot can be a real challenge. Well, search no more, It’s Nola has created a healthy snack that tastes like a guilty pleasure. Dr. Margaret Barrow went into her kitchen and began mixing up several combinations of plant-based ingredients. Eventually, she cracked the code and made the small but mighty plant-based granola bites that are packed with bold flavors.


Cavo Candles

Spending a lot of quality time with friends and family can be a joy, but it also is draining. Sometimes you need to reset and wash the day away with the relaxing scent of a Cavo candle. Sisters Femi and Naomi Adeyemo created this brand of candles to infuse their eclectic style in the clean candles industry. Each candle sold is paired with a carefully curated Spotify or Apple Music playlist. The Wash Day playlist features tracks by Janet Jackson, KAYTRANADA, and Leikeli47 that set the right vibe.

Check out these black-owned travel essentials and let us know what you think!

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