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Take Me to Ghana! Americans Living in Ghana

How to navigate moving from the U.S. to Ghana

Written by Alana Bynes-Richardson and Serena Carter


Do you want to know what it’s like living in Africa as an American? Covid-19 may have taken away our traveling privileges, indefinitely, so our experience and opportunities are limited. However, two Americans quarantined in West Africa dispels common myths and share their experience in Ghana. 

Rashad McCrorey and Patricia Carroll are two travelers who lived in Africa at one point in their lives. Both find themselves living in Ghana during the pandemic. Rashad, a travel entrepreneur from Harlem, New York, started out as a Party Promoter. Using his skills he launched Africa-Cross Culture in February 2017, a startup specializing in group trips to Africa. Since then, Rashad has encouraged migration to the continent, giving rise to the Blaxit movement many have envisioned. 

During our conversation, he described his first trip to Ghana and his experience. And it’s definitely not what mainstream media portrays Africa to be!

“It wasn’t what was portrayed on TV,” says Rashad, “You know the kids with big bellies, flies on their eyelids, all this wildlife… Ghana was about the culture that I wanted people to come see!” 

Patricia has been in Ghana since March 2020. Due to Covid-19, she was not able to make it back home to DC in April. Lucky for Trish, she is very familiar with the country. She met her husband, owns the land, and has her own business stationed in Ghana. She never fails to express her love for the country she first traveled to almost eight years ago. 

“I believe all African people around the world are one. We need to travel and get to know each other,” Trish said. 

Although her extended stay in Ghana was unexpected, she was not overly put out by the disruption. As the location of many great memories, it is not the worst place to be stranded during the Covid-19 pandemic.



According to the Ghana Health Service, there have only been 56,230 confirmed cases in the country, including international travelers. Of that number, over 54,130 people have been discharged or recovered from the virus and 338 have died. Now, Ghana has confirmed 1,261 active cases. 

Compared to Ghana, the amount of cases the US has is almost as big as Ghana’s entire population. The CDC has reported over 373, 167 deaths just in the US. This staggering number should tell you the state of America today. 

When given the opportunity, we all need to take a trip to Africa. It’s just one of the lifelong experiences that will have a lasting impact and change of worldview on your life. The way Africa is portrayed on television is not the reality. Every country in Africa has its own different cultures and lifestyles. What you get to experience when traveling to other countries is priceless. 

Since our conversation last summer, Trish has returned home to DC. While the extended trip was pleasant, she had some things to handle back in the states. But, in a delightful twist, Rashad has decided to remain in Ghana. 

Acquiring an apartment came easy and quick! His detour stop in Ghana worked in his favor as he became more enraptured in the country. In recent news, the US has just faced an attack against the Capitol. On his IG Live, Rashad reflects on his time as a US citizen and the difference that migrating to Ghana has already made.

“For the first time, I’ve felt a disconnect [from America], ” explained Rashad. “I hate it there. I love it here!”

It is safe to say once the pandemic is over there will be a lot of flights booked, as people break free from the forced isolation, with low Covid rates a lot of people have the destination of Africa on their mind. But, in all honesty, if you are a person that loves to travel and experience different cultures, going to Africa is a must! Some of you may connect with Rashad and join his travel groups. Or, if you like to travel solo, take the route of Trish to go by yourself and create new business opportunities. 

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