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Tips to Increase Your Spiritual and Sensual Intimacy during COVID

The best practices and techniques to follow with your partner or by yourself

Written by Alana Bynes-Richardson


This pandemic has been something completely unexpected and has taken its toll on everyone. Now is the time to loosen up and get a little sexy!  We are going to dive into the conversation of intimacy, dating, and spiritual and sensual energy.

Krystal, a Tantra Coach and Yogi, stopped in to enlighten us on how we can tap into our intimate and spiritual energy during and after Covid-19. Whether you were quarantined with family, a significant other, or solitary, this has been a great time for reflection and getting to know yourself better. 

Though it’s been tough going, being in quarantine is a blessing in disguise where self-care and self-building are concerned. Just because we are not living the life we are used to does not mean we stop learning, developing, and growing! 

Intimacy has a direct impact on your health. An article published by Healthline even states, “getting intimate on a regular basis boosts your immune system.” It is not just about the pleasure, though that is a plus. Forging connections, increasing your sexual wellness, and learning about yourself is the main goal. 

“When you’re starting with yourself, intimacy is about vulnerability and openness. And reciprocity if it’s with someone else,” said Krystal. 

Now, not everything can be intuitive. Many people rely on their base instincts without reasoning. When you react without thinking, it feels natural, like it was meant to be. It’s the instinctual leaning in when you kiss or the natural way you tilt your head.

Though this can help and be advantageous in some situations, it may not always work when intimacy is involved. You have to be willing to open yourself up to truly see a difference within yourself or your partnership. We know it’s hard but, there’s so much to gain from it. You can’t just assume what your partner wants or needs! 

Communication is the key to every great relationship or interaction. Singles and couples will benefit just as much from this advice. If you want something or have certain needs, speak up!

No matter the status of your relationship during quarantine, you have to keep that spark going and keep that confidence up. Krystal explains how her practice of sexual liberation + spiritual intention is a mixture of techniques that include yogic practices, creativity, and cultural references that are modern and ancestral, helping her navigate everyday dilemmas in her sex life.

Some of her tips include:

  1. Reconnecting your sexual energy with your spirituality. When you reconnect your sexual energy to your spiritual awareness, it has the power to transform your life for the better on the deepest level! 
  2. Write down your wildest dreams. You do not have to do all of them but, feeling confident and unashamed of your desires is the first step.
  3. Help better navigate intimate relationships: Share something you might feel scared of being judged about, and be vulnerable.
  4. Reawaken your sexual energy to become a better lover: take this time to reflect on what you really like and talk it out with your partner or write down goals you each have.
  5. How to properly maintain, care for, and use our spiritual & sexual energy

There is no need to be ashamed of the natural needs of our bodies! Tune in to learn more about your sexual energy and how to access it.

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