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Celebrity Status: Famous Black-owned Wines

Our list of the top wines owned by Black celebrities

Written by Alana Bynes-Richardson & Serena Carter


It is a common thing for celebrities to endorse their own brand, such as clothes, shoes, food seasonings, hard liquor, and now wine. This is the new norm and a way for those celebrities and artists to remain relevant while gaining the attention of younger generations. 

We have seen the rise in celebrity wine brands and many people are excited about this! Many of these Black celebrities have been influential to us growing up. However, the market tends to focus on the newest generations to attract a younger audience.

But we don’t have to be forgotten! They are keeping in touch with millennials and those of us in the same age group by catering to an important demographic: wine enthusiasts. Like many areas, there is a lack of diversity in the wine market, even among these A-list celebrities. 

However, there are some Black celebrities slowly changing the game in the wine world. They may be few but they have secured the top spots amongst renowned magazines and companies.

John Legend first launched his collection, Legend Vineyard Exclusive, in 2016. LVE Wines is described as “a unique series of rich, soulful and complex notes inspired by true love, produced in collaboration with Napa Valley’s renowned Raymond Vineyards.”

Last summer, Mary J Blige dropped her new wine collection named Sun Goddess Wines. Partnering with Italy’s Fantinel Winery, the singer’s selections have already been a hit!

And the latest celeb to release their own wine is the West Coast’s very own Snoop Dogg. Snoop’s Cali Red hit the shelves earlier this summer. He partnered with winery 19 Crimes to bring this wine to life.

Who are some celebrities that you would like to see launching their own wine next? Rihanna or Beyonce could definitely bless us. Just imagine how epic that would be!

Here is a list of Black celebrity wines to try:

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