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Uncorked & Cultured was founded by Angela McCrae as a survival tool during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. Our mission is to unapologetically connect Black culture and the diaspora through wine, travel, adventure and wellness. Uncorked & Cultured is a culture & lifestyle brand that curates original content, adventures and wine shopping collections.

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Uncorked & Cultured is a destination for culturists to hang out with a glass of their favorite vineyard selection; wellness practitioners share knowledge from our ancestors; and global entrepreneurs provide roadmaps to a life well-lived. 

Our journey is to share content that’s centered in Blackness, Culture & Elevation, as a solution to the lack of inclusion (and sometimes deliberate exclusion of Black voices) in the global luxury, travel and wine industries. Culture isn’t created on instagram and diversity shouldn’t be a trend.

Mission Statement

Unapologetically connecting Black culture and the diaspora through

wine, travel, adventure and wellness. 



a group of people who live outside the area in which their ancestors lived,

but remain connected to their African lifestyle and roots